About DX Centre

About Us

DX Centre is a Medical Imaging Company offering X-ray, Ultrasound Scan and Medical Examination Services through its mobile and fixed centres in Harare and Ngezi, Zimbabwe. The fixed centres in Harare and Ngezi provide occupational health examinations to food processing and mining companies as well as attending to private patients referred by General Practitioners.  

Fixed centres support the mobile programme where the number of employees is less than 20. Our mobile service, complete with the digital processing unit does go to company worksites if employees are more than 20 to screen for pneumoconiosis and transmittable diseases on mining and food processing companies respectively.

Mr Aaron Siwawa
Cell: +263 77 2 294 599
Registerd Radiographer
Chartered Marketer
Master of Business Administration
PHD Cand.




The objectives of our concept are as follows: -

  • Ensure that companies comply with the requirement of the Pneumoconiosis Act and the Public Health Act.
  • Achieve preventative health for the worker. 
  • Minimize the cost of compliance to the company.
  • Ensure protected food to the general public
  • Generate revenue for the company.


  • To be the preferred choice in the provision of mobile medical examination service in Zimbabwe and the region.


  • To provide cost savings to companies, authentic medical reports to receiving authorities and high returns to shareholders through practicing sound business values.

Core Values

  • Reliability -To keep the promise of providing services to our clients as per agreed time scales. 
  • Turnaround Time - Good client service and quick turnaround will be the cornerstone of our relationship with companies.
  • Confidentiality - We shall ensure to keep employee information coming in the course of our duties with strict confidentiality.
  • Professionalism - To continuously upgrade our skills and equipment so as to build integrity and client confidence.